Our development partner FairMatchSupport interviewed Harm Voortman, Managing Director of Anatrans about their cooperation.

‘If you look purely at costs, it is more efficient to process in Asia. However we do not try to compete on costs, but we try to convince the customer that there is more value in our product. Value of traceability, sustainability and entrepreneurship in a responsible manner.’

‘Anatrans partners with FairMatch Support on the part of production at farmer level and becoming a professional business partner from both sides. To process traceable and certified cashews Anatrans is sourcing directly from farmers’ cooperatives. Building relations with local farmers is complex, however this way we are more assured of sufficient supply to our processing facility now and in the future. Farmers and their cooperatives benefit from higher and more stable income; when others stop buying, we continue: the market is not guaranteed, but a lot more certain. FairMatch Support supported us to work on a buying strategy with the farmers. This consisted of coaching and training farmers’ cooperation’s on professionalisation and organisational capacity, quality improvement, higher volume, relationship management and negotiation with the processors. In addition, FairMatch Support works on coaching and training of the processor to build a good relationship with the farmers and to improve the purchasing strategy.’

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