Covid-19 countermeasures at Anatrans, Burkina Faso

Corona prevention measures are helping us to retain our staff in these highly uncertain times.

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Beveiligd: Nuts2 Impact Report 2019 – 2020 is online!

This year turned out an amazing year for farmers, local workers and international customers alike. Not only our own factories (A-route) have shown a good increase, but also we…

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Under covid-19, business continues, under close monitoring.

At Nuts2, business continues as usual. We are closely monitoring supply and demand markets, the availability of the global supply chain. We have minimum office presence as most of…

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Afokantan female leaders joining Women’s Day celebration in Benin

This month, our local director Josianne Yabadi together with some of our female leaders from Afokantan, our cashew processing facility in Tchaourou, Benin, joined Women's day…

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Annual farmers’ day at Anatrans

This week we welcomed our farmers to Anatrans (a Nuts2 company), to evaluate the season, hand out the organic, fairtrade price premium checks, share about new developments, like…

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Our local impact – measured by IDH

IDH, the sustainable trade initiative assessed the local impact of Anatrans on farmers and employment in Burkina Faso.

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Recognition received from Burkina Faso government!

Anatrans (a Nuts2 company) received highest recognition from the Burkina Faso government for contributing to the development of the economy of Burkina Faso and social…

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