As we invest in local processing facilities, we also invest in partnerships with local farmers, in their training and development.
And we invite you to join us.

The impact your investment will have
Every 100KEUR will allow us to buy crops from another 80-90 farmer families, at decent prices, providing work in our processing facilities for another 30-40 factory workers.

Social investors
We invite investors to take part in our mission by providing capital for harvest. We want to continuously extend our impact. We are looking for 2, 3 or 5 year loans, minimum ticket sizes 100KEUR. Please contact us for our business proposition, with significant social impact.

Crowd funding
For smaller contributions, we are working to set up a crowdfunding campaign. Watch this space for updates.

Buy our nuts!
You have the opportunity to buy our product at our NGO partner Woord en Daad