As we invest in local processing facilities, we also invest in partnerships with local farmers, in their training and development.
And we invite you to join us.

Impact investment

The impact your investment will have

Every 100KEUR will allow us to buy crops from another 80-90 farmer families, at fair prices, providing work in our processing facilities for another 30-40 factory workers.

Private impact investors

We invite investors to take part in our mission by providing capital for harvest. We want to continuously extend our impact. We are looking for 2, 3 or 5 year loans, minimum ticket sizes 100KEUR.

Crowd funding

For smaller contributions, we are working to set up a crowdfunding campaign. Watch this space for updates.

You're in good company

We are fortunate to have numerous private impact investors contributing to our mission and this group of supporters (now 16) is growing steadily. Since 2020 we have collected over 2.000.000 mln Euro in crop financing, fully collateralized.

Whilst our interest rates (3% +) are attractive for investors (100K +), at the same time they are rather favourable to us. As an investor you receive standard reports on loan performance and our twice yearly impact report.

We’re keen to share our information memorandum with you. If you want to hear more, you can get in touch with our fundraising partner MissionInvest, or you can contact us directly.

Farmers are happy with Nuts2

“My name is BAMORI TRAORÉ. As a farmer I have been working with Anatrans [a Nuts2 company] since 2009 and I would not change anything of working with them. They care about my product, the quality and quantity of my yield by providing us training. Soon, I discovered that Anatrans is the only association that does it. Anatrans is the only company that builds up relationships.’’

“Working with Anatrans allows us to pay the scholarship of the women in our community, our health care, our transport, our houses and the maintenance of our families.”