Crowd Funding Campaign

The impact your investment will have

Every 100KEUR will allow us to buy crops from another 80-90 farmer families, at fair prices, providing work in our processing facilities for another 30-40 factory workers.

We have good experience working with private impact investors and we’d like to extend this direct investment route for smaller investors too.

Crowdfunding campaign

In preparation for our crowd funding campaign we’d like to make an inventory of potential crowd funders. We are aiming to launch the campaign in 2021.

Interest and conditions

The interest we are offering will be around 3%, the raw cashew nuts we are purchasing with these funds will be your collateral. More details will be shared during the campaign.


Please leave your contact details below and we will inform you when the campaign launches.

P.S. (for 100K+ investments we have a specific private investment proposition, please click here)

Register your interest

Register your interest

We will notify you when our crowd funding campaign launches.

Please indicate the amount you would typically consider investing (without obligation).

    Farmers are happy with Nuts2

    “My name is BAMORI TRAORÉ. As a farmer I have been working with Anatrans [a Nuts2 company] since 2009 and I would not change anything of working with them. They care about my product, the quality and quantity of my yield by providing us training. Soon, I discovered that Anatrans is the only association that does it. Anatrans is the only company that builds up relationships.’’

    “Working with Anatrans allows us to pay the scholarship of the women in our community, our health care, our transport, our houses and the maintenance of our families.”