What does our farmer program look like?

Amalia Darraidou, value chain manager at Anatrans (a Nuts2 company), shared some insights at the African Cashew Alliance webinar 2020.

How does digitization help traceability?

By digitizing our procurement process, we are able to register the cashew receipt on a farmer level. As a result, we know which lots are coming from which farms. The farmforce application is the enabler behind this process.

Which functions does Farmforce support?

As we receive the crop from the farmer in jutebags, we’re attaching a barcode, scanning the bags and the farmer can see his delivered lot on his cell phone. As a result, we can maintain traceability of our cashew nuts, all the way to the farmer and his land.

Do you want to know more?

Check the presentation right here: PrésentationFARMFORCE-webinarACA