Our process

How we transform raw cashew nut into cashew kernel
for sale to the global food industry.

Receipt of raw cashew nuts

Raw Cashew Nuts (RCN) are received in 80 kg jute bags from farmer (groups).


First thing is to sort them to size. This calibration is required to create similar size batches for efficient processing.


Raw Cashew Nuts are cooked to soften the shell so it is easier to crack them.


Cracking is done partly by machines, partly by hand. At a rate of about 15 nuts per minute, manual crackers can do about 40 kgs per day, depending the nut sizes. That’s close to 8000 nuts per day.

While we still rely on manual cracking to some extent, we are mechanising this process in order to stay competitive in the global market. With mechanisation we’re saving on “unskilled” labor, and creating more skilled jobs in maintenance and engineering.


Steaming takes place to soften the inner skin of the cashew for efficient peeling.


After removing the hard shell, the inner skin or peel (professionally called “testa”) is removed, partly by machines, partly by hand.


The peeled cashew, referred to as kernel, is sorted by size and color.

Quality inspection

The finished product is inspected to detect foreign material, deviating colors, spots or any other quality defects.


Cashew kernels are vacuum packed in 50 Lbs (22,68 kg) cartons per grad, loaded in a truck and transported to the port.


700 cartons in a container, our cashew is shipped across the world; direct to customer or to our warehouses in the Netherlands.