Partner organisations

An African saying says that "Alone you run faster, together you reach further". We're fortunate to have strong partner organisations running along side us to pursue our mission.

Group Companies

Anatrans is our processing facility in Burkina Faso, led by managing director Harm Voortman

Afokantan is our processing facility in Benin, led by managing director Charles Kayembe

Mayo Macs is our co-owned processing facility in South Africa.

Pure and Natural Foods is our co-owned pasteurization facility in the US.



The Dutch NGO Woord en Daad is a strategic partner for us in supporting farmer groups to improve their income. Woord en Daads mission is to overcome poverty by sustainably transforming people and societies. They connect people, communities, schools and educational centers, entrepreneurs and local NGO’s worldwide. They are motivated by the Christian perspective of justice and compassion to realize a dignified existence for every individual. Woord en Daad has been funding our agricultural training programs.


FairMatch Support believes that sustainable production and a fair profit distribution for everyone involved in global agricultural supply chains is possible. They support companies in efficient sustainable sourcing, and producers in accessing new markets and professionalizing their business. FairMatch Support is providing agricultural training to farmer suppliers of our factories.

MissionInvest joins forces of Christian entrepreneurs, foundations as well as impact investment funds, to create “ripples of hope”. MissionInvest is our fund raising partner for our social investment program.

Oneplanetcrowd believes we can make a better world through sustainable innovation. Their mission is to resolve the world’s challenges with entrepreneurs and investors. Oneplanetcrowd is helping us with our crowd funding campaign.


Incluvest is a faith-based social investment company, investing money that has been entrusted with them in inclusive business models. They believe in business that purposely delivers positive social impact. Inspired by the positive experiences with us, Incluvest and Woord en Daad launched a new investment fund, Fair Factory Development Fund, to make more risk capital available to this kind of food processing factories. Incluvest has been investing in our factories since the early days.

Oikocredit grants loans to local partners with social impact, in order to provide local entrepreneurial people and groups with adequate resources, increasingly focused on agricultural economic development. Oikocredit has been investing capital in Anatrans, our Burkina Faso based processing facility.

Incofin manages funds and investments in emerging countries, driven by a desire to promote inclusive progress. Their investors are leading development funds, banks, insurance companies etc. Incofin is providing crop financing to Nuts2.

ResponsAbility is an asset manager in the field of development investments and offers investment solutions to private, institutional and public investors. They supply debt and equity financing predominantly to non-listed firms in emerging and developing economies. ResponsAbility is providing crop financing to Nuts2.

Impact Finance uses public and private capital to support ideas and initiatives that create a measurable positive economic, social and/or environmental impact. ImpactFinance is providing crop financing to Nuts2.

We are blessed to have many individuals contributing to our mission, through our social investment program or our crowd funding program