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Discovered in 1828 in Australia, the macadamia nut is now produced in three main countries; Australia, US and South Africa. Our co-owned processing facility in South Africa is well equipped to crack this hard nut. Rich in unsaturated fat and vitamin B1, this is a very healthy nut too.


The Cashew Nut is probably one of the most exciting nuts, hanging under a juicy apple on a tree. The Raw Cashew Nut itself is protected by a very strong shell, that needs to be roasted/steamed before it can be shelled. The shell contains a high percentage of liquid, which makes the shell perfect for fuelling the ovens that dry down the cashew kernels during the processing. The shell could also be use to extract Cashew Nuts Shell Liquid which is use as an addititive in many industrial products. Once, the cashew kernel is taken out of the shell, it is further processed to reveal its excellent quality and taste.

Raw Cashew Nut

The Raw Cashew Nut (RCN) is harvested during a period of approximately 3 months. Ivory Coast has one of the biggest crops with more than 700,000 MT (700 million kg!) of RCN. India and Vietnam are also big producing countries. Vietnam has the biggest processing capacity in the world which exceeds their own crop volume! As a result, Vietnam imports a lot of RCN from Africa which are after processing, promoted as Vietnamese kernels.

We work directly with cashew farmers in Burkina Faso, Benin and Togo but we do source Raw Cashew Nuts from other African countries as well. Most of the product we buy, is used for processing in our own factories. The bought overload, is supplied to our long term partners in Vietnam.

If you have any questions or if you would like to buy or sell us your Raw Cashew Nuts, feel free to contact us.

Our Cashew Kernels

Cashew Nut Kernels are mainly used for the snack market as a roasted and salted snack. Due to the lovely taste, the cashew nut is seen as an upper class nut. The cashew nut is becoming of more and more interest to industrial users and is as such used for cookies and cereals. The nut is know for its excellent healthy features (see for example this video ‘Healthy Nuts’).

Nutritional values (per 100 gram)
Energy 572 kcal/ 2,420 kJ
Fat 42.2 gr
Protein 17.5 gr
Carbohydrates 30.5 gr
Minerals 2.9 gr
Vitamins 4.15 mg

Below you find some pictures of our main export grades which are processed in our African factories. Be aware that we do proces many more cashew grades such as Fancy Butts, Scorched, Chips, Baby Bits, etc. so if you have any requirement, please let us know.

All our product is supplied under the registered brand ‘Pride of Africa’ and according AFI Food Standards.

Cashew Nut Shell Liquid

The shell of the Raw Cashew Nut has a soft honey like structure. The structure contains a dark reddish brown liquid which is called Cashew Nut Shell Liquid (CNSL).

The liquid is very strong and should not be handled with bare hands. However, the product is 100% pure nature and therefore falls in the category of a biodegradable product. CNSL has several applications; from addition for the coating industry till foundry chemicals or usage in the automotive industry.

Anatrans uses high pressure to extract the liquid from the shell. Further treatment gives CNSL the correct purity, pH, viscocity, turbidity, iodine and ash content. Here you will find our Technical Data Sheet of our processed CNSL.

Quality certificates

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TDI is also member of the SEDEX initative under registration number ZC403370979.