We changed our name into Nuts2!

Answers to most frequently asked questions about our new name

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We hebben onze naam gewijzigd in Nuts2!

Antwoorden op de meest gestelde vragen over onze nieuwe naam!

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Nuts2 checked and approved!

This week Nuts2 had it's annual BRC audit. Quality procedures have been reviewed and compliance verified.

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Mayo Macs breaks new ground with US partnership

Our subsidiary MayoMacs is breaking new ground with a joint venture in nut pasteurisation, in order to further build on our reputation for top quality macadamia kernel exports.

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Western Africa suffering from 2019 low cashew prices

Two-thirds of the cashews produced are in search of buyers, and prices are very low!

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Cracking the nut in Burkina Faso

Check this video, featuring our processing facility Anatrans in Burkina Faso.

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Latest insights on the cashew market

What about cashew prices for coming season? What about expected harvest volumes? Whilst temperature, rain patterns and harmattan winds are relevant indicators for the prediction…

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INC raises €47,800 with the “Nuts for a Healthier World” Campaign

Since January €47,800 has been raised for the international NGO Save the Children through Nuts for a Healthier World Campaign. INC International Nut and Dried Fruit Council’s…

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A 360 degree experience of Cashew processing in Burkina Faso

Check this video: a walk through ANATRANS, the leading cashew processing factory in Burkina Faso and the collaboration with the GIZ ComCashew through its unique Matching Fund.

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Met Woord&Daad maken we werk van eerlijke cashews

Check this video: in Benin en Burkina Faso wordt veel cashew verbouwd. Maar 90% van alle cashew wordt direct en onverwerkt geëxporteerd. Verwerking in eigen land biedt kansen!

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