As of today, November 1st, our companies Trade & Development Holding, Trade & Development Group, Trade Development International, White Bird International and International Food Partners will have a new name: Nuts2.

Answers to most frequently asked questions:

Why did you choose a new name?

  • Our new name gives us one face and image to the market: Nuts2, proudly represented by Global Trading & Agency (a Nuts2 company!)
  • Over time new legal entities have brought about new brand names. Now it is time to make clear we’re one company with 1 heart – 1 mission and vision – and 1 goal: to develop economies in Africa (cashew and macadamia processing industry).

What does Nuts2 stand for?

  • Nuts2 stands for developing transparant chains – from farmer to consumer.
    • Nuts2 Develop: we aim to develop the economy in Africa
    • Nuts2 Share; we share our resources, market access, knowledge and experience as well as values and beliefs, in our business relations
    • Nuts2 Sustain; we are working on sustainable economic development, for lasting impact.
    • Nuts2 Depend; our business relations we build on trust and for the long term

What does this 2 mean to you?

  • The 2 represent “Together”; Working together in the chain, with African farmers, local (partner) factories, our customers. Together we bring a quality product from Africa to the consumer..

What was wrong with the old name?

  • Trading was not an appropriate name in Africa. It does not do justice to the commitment we have through the investment in owned local factories.

What changes for me as a customer?

  • The name = different, legal entity structure = unchanged.
  • As a customer you will find Nuts2 on your invoices, with reference to the current legal entity names including their account numbers and registration numbers.

What about Global Trading?

  • Global Trading & Agency continues to be our brand for independent brokering activities. It is part of the Nuts2 group, just like it was part of the TDH group.
  • Global Trading & Agency, a Nuts2 company.

What changes for me as a supplier?

  • The name = different, legal entity structure = unchanged.
  • As our supplier, you can direct your invoice to Nuts2, with an added reference to the relevant legal entity.